Day Charters

Day Charters

Atlantic Yacht Charters is pleased to provide you with some information on itineraries and sightseeing areas for your own charter.  Please note that these are not “group trips” with commentators, rather they are ideas, suggestions and samples of what you can do and where you can go when you charter a private yacht from Atlantic Yacht Charters.


Depending on our starting point, we could begin our cruise by heading south to Miami (the Downtown area) to the lower bay, the portion between Key Biscayne and the Coconut Grove/Coral Gables sections of Greater Miami. We may also briefly tour Bayside Market & Marina along our way which is an open air mall with lots of activity. There is also the option of touring the New River, pass the Epic Hotel all the way up and docking where you may get off for some lunch at one of the many waterfront restaurants. A little further, as we head south, the bay presents us with a wide variety of things to see and do. If we haven’t yet had the opportunity, once we’re south of the bridge we can open the throttles and get up to cruising speed. Not too far south from the Rickenbacker Causeway, off to the right, there’s a local landmark known as Vizcaya, which was one of Miami’s first mansions. This magnificent structure was built nearly 100 years ago when the area was still young. The original owner, James Deering was an agricultural industrialist and the founder of International Harvest. Vizcaya  is currently a county-owned museum that’s open to the public daily (unfortunately, it is not accessible by water without prior arrangement). If you wish for a closer view, there’s a channel that can take us almost to the mansion’s front door. Seeing this century-old house from the water is impressive, and a view most visitors never get to witness. Built with stone that was imported from Italy and designed by by an American architect, the house is styled as an Old Italian Palazzo. What is interesting here in the 21st Century is that Vizcaya reportedly cost about 5 million early 20th-Century dollars to build and employed 10% of Miami’s population at the time. Once Vizcaya was completed, Deering furnished the house with over 400 years worth of antiques, just to make the place look as if one family had been living there for centuries. Biscayne Bay is the large body of water that lies between the mainland and the barrier islands such as Miami Beach. While there is ocean access, primarily via Government Cut, the main channel used by all the cruise ships, there is so much to see and do within the confines of the bay itself that you can have an outstanding trip and never leave the bay. Because the barrier islands offer considerable protection, the bay is usually quite gentle as to sea conditions no matter what may be happening off shore. So while a bay cruise can be ideal on any day, it is especially desirable on those rare days the ocean is less than hospitable, or for folks who prefer quiet waters period.

Our next point of interest is at anchorage off the southwest corner of Key BiscayneNixon’s Cove is where Richard Nixon had his “Winter White House” over thirty years ago. His former house was unfortunately torn down in the fall of 2004 which we would have shown to our guests. However, the house used in “Scarface” and a  few other celebrity homes still in this area are available for your viewing! One of the delightful features of this relaxing cove is the sandbar on the south side. At anytime throughout the day you are able to wade, swim or even walk on or over the sand bar because of South Florida’s tidal range which averages slightly less than three feet. Upon our return  depending on the ocean’s hospitality we may take to the open ocean for a ride back to Key Biscayne or simply go back the Intracoastal route. Either way you will witness the varying views of Miami’s exciting skyline. Each is unique in that you can only get that particular view when out on the water!

Whether we return via ocean or bay you must have a look at ‘Stiltsville’ which was a a group of formerly private wooden  homes built on stilts and spread out along the delicate reefs of Biscayne Channel. These homes were built in the early 1900’s and was started by a fisherman named ‘Crawfish Eddie’ who built his first shack in the 1930’s, then shortly after, a few of his close fishermen friends built their own shacks. This trend continued on for decades while hurricanes came and went destroying many of the homes, with time however, many of the shacks/homes were re-built allowing ‘Stiltsville” to live on. It is now recognized as part of the ‘Biscayne National Park’ make sure to bring your camera! Fisher Island is the next stop en-route back to Miami where it’s reputation and location is regarded as one of the most highest-valued real estate in all of the United States. You may only access this island by boat or helicopter! Not far away in the shallow bays is where many episodes of the TV film we all know as “Flipper” filmed most of its in-water scenes. It has been a long day filled with fun, historical education and ecology and now all too soon your journey is over and it’s back to where you started. But the sights and activities you enjoyed should provide many happy memories that will last a lifetime.

Party Yacht

Atlantic Yacht Charters is pleased to provide itineraries examples for your group party yacht charter.  Please note that these are not “group trips” or cruises that you can purchase individual tickets for, rather they are private group charter party yachts and suggestions of what you can do and where you can go when you charter a private yacht from Atlantic Yacht Charters.

We devote the same degree of care and consideration to large-group charters as we do for 12 or fewer passengers on a smaller vessel. The result is a cruise that is uniquely yours, just with more people aboard. Our strict attention to detail in every phase of the planning and execution assures you that each aspect of your cruise will be thoughtfully considered in terms of meeting the specific needs of your corporate party. And you will receive the superior service for which we have become so well known in satisfying smaller groups of family, friends or colleagues aboard our private charter yachts.


In order for your group charter party yacht charter to truly enjoy themselves we have already brainstormed one of the best itineries for you and your group charter making sure that everyone gets a glimpse of what Miami has to offer in a shorter amount of time while cruising on your private yacht. With pick up from downtown Miami (as well as Fort Lauderdale and anywhere in between) we will take a quick swing under the Rickenbacker Causeway, the only highway connection to Virginia Key and Key Biscayne, for a moment to have a brief glimpse of the wide-open lower bay. But whether it’s just before or just after going through this high fixed bridge, we’ll definitely turn around to head back North.  Besides, the ever-changing sub-tropic light constantly transforms the appearance of the sights ashore, painting a slightly different image with every passing moment. So if you missed that perfect Kodak moment on the way South, you’ll be seeing it “again for the first time” on the way back North. Once you and all of your BFF’s are comfortably aboard with a delightful cocktail in hand and after we have hauled in the gangplank, cast off the mooring lines and gotten underway, we’ll first cruise by Downtown Miami’s striking waterfront: near the west end of the cruise port and Government Cut, a bit off American Airlines Arena, in front of Bayside Marketplace and Bayfront Park, across the mouth of the Miami River and down past Brickell Key. We continue south, though at the necessary distance offshore, nearly parallel to Brickell Avenue, which is the very heart of the “Financial District of the Americas” and the site of some spectacular new high-rise construction, both residential and commercial.

Once we return to the mouth of the Miami River, we then swing to our right to head out the busy “Fisherman’s Channel,” as the port of Miami’s south channel sits right along our passage way. On our left we see the port’s primarily cargo side, with its long row of efficient high-capacity cranes that can off-load and reload a huge container ship and then have it ready to go back to sea again in less than 24 hours. When we near the end of the port facilities we come upon Fisher Island on our right. One of the few communities said to be the highest-valued real estate in all the United States, and is the only inhabited island in Biscayne Bay that is not connected by a causeway. As we turn to the left to go up the channel on the inside of South Beach, we cross the main ship channel and most probably will see a Fisher Island ferry or two as they cross back and forth between mainland and island every few minutes. Other than by private yacht or helicopter, these ferries are the only way on and off the island.

As we head north we’ll pass under the east bridge of the Macarthur Causeway, one of the prime routes between Miami and South Beach. We’re proud to note that this next part of your trip is something you’ll probably only find with Atlantic Yacht Charters because the boats we use for Corporate Cruises are among the few dinner cruise vessels that can clear this bridge and have shallow enough draft to be able to closely approach Star, Palm and Hibiscus Islands where we can view the many “homes of the rich and famous”!

Now, all this would make for a wonderful cruise in itself. But there’s more. After we have been underway for a short while and everyone is finishing up their first cocktail our competent crew will start passing around hors d`oeuvres and more cocktails from the open bar as you and your guests unwind. And then, when everyone is nicely relaxed, comes dinner. Your menu choices are outstanding and varied. You can opt for a sumptuous buffet or a sit-down dinner with a wide range of possible entrees. Coffee or tea, dessert, bread and/or rolls are included, of course. And while the food and service are as fine as you’d find in many a shore side restaurant, the bonus of enjoying the meal while on a delightful cruise makes it even more memorable not to say romantic!

All too soon we find ourselves back at the departure point where you and your group party yacht charter guests disembark; happy, satiated, and filled with good feelings.

While the details of the above cruise are typical, and this or something quite like it will suit most Corporate Cruise requirements, we pride ourselves on working hard to meet every client’s exact, individual and specific needs. So we’ll be happy to work with you to develop something especially for you in terms of itinerary, menu and entertainment. Just call, and one of our cruise consultants will discuss your particular needs and desires. And then we’ll be happy to structure a cruise that will meet them. See you on our next group cruise!

Half day charter

Atlantic Yacht Charters is pleased to present you our most popular charters of Miami to Fort Lauderdale waterfront & home sightseeing. These are our half day charters but note that these are not necessarily pre-planned in advance and can be altered at will to suit your final desire.  They are examples of what most charter guests ask us to see on a half day charters or where you can go when you charter a private yacht from Atlantic Yacht Charters.

The Miami area is home (at least part time) to quite a few well-known celebrities. Since, as you might expect, many of their magnificent homes are on the waterfront, it is quite easy to include some “star gazing” among your charter activities. So we might just be heading south to StarPalm and Hibiscus Islands, which are on Biscayne Bay just west of South Beach, and boasts some spectacular celebrity homes. Gloria Estefan and her husband/producer Emilio Estefan live on Star Island, as well as the Miami Heat’s star center, Shaquile O’Neal and baseball All-Star A-Rod, Matt Damon, and Miami Dolphins former head coach Don Shula. Sean Combs, better known as “Diddy,” has a home on the island as well, although he does not live here full time.


But first, lets start at Haulover Inlet, were we stop for a short while to swim and have a walk on Beer-can Island, yep sad but true! Or we can head south down the channel that runs inside the main barrier island of Miami Beach all the way south to Government Cut where the Miami Beach Port is located. Along the way we will pass by Indian Creek Village, a community so exclusive that its few citizens built their City Hall over on the main barrier island in Surfside so visitors wouldn’t have to drive onto the island! This village, is home to such notables as Don Shula and Julio Iglesias. Further down we pass LaGorce Island, another gated community with some interesting and historically notable homes which all have waterfront in the front and their backyard a world class golf course. Then comes North Bay Drive, a street of remarkable waterfront dwellings that includes one estate where the occupants commute by helicopter, several homes that belong (or once belonged) to world-famous entertainers, and one that was used in the movie “On Any Given Sunday”! There are several places along the way where there are no restrictions on using the wave-runner, so a stop to anchor is not out of the question, though if swimming is also in your plans, continuing on down to Monument Island is perhaps better because we can anchor closer to the shallows there. If there’s time, we can also swing by the stars’ homes on Sunset Islands II & III. We can then take the channel that runs north of the Venetian Causeway to cross over for a closer view of downtown Miami. The American Airlines Arena (where the Miami Heat plays basketball) Bayside Marketplace and Bayfront Park are some of the sights to see. As always, the exact route will be up to you – and of course, the limitations of time, which always seems to run out all too quickly, regardless of the length of your charter. So, ultimately, we must head back to where we started, and the end of another memorable cruise.

You must know that not all of the homeowners are famous but probably richer and some have had a huge impact in the early days of the development of Miami. If you saw Monument Island on the cruise down that was a tribute to one of the founding fathers of Miami Beach, Henry Flagler, who built the railroad which almost reached Key West and in part largely responsible for the development of Florida’s East Coast. He also had a huge impact in developing St. Augustine and Palm Beach. Monument Island is also a great spot to swim, use the wave runner and people watch. There are many boats which cruise pass as well as wave runner riders. When we leave Monument Island we have a choice. There’s a channel that runs just inside Miami Beach’s barrier islands, all the way up to Bal Harbour. We can pass through the Venetian Causeway’s East bridge to cruise up this channel and return via the ocean, or, on those days when they ocean is less than hospitable, we can go north just inside Miami Beach and return via the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway that runs down the west (mainland) side of the Bay, just so we don’t have to cover the same ground twice.

But let’s say the weather is perfectly delightful today we could also head on to the ocean to return back to Haulover Beach. So we’ll head to Government Cut and out the the main ship channel, and go out into the Atlantic for a whole different view of the glamorous strip of sand, sunshine and sea that is known to the world as South Beach. Upon our exit of Government Cut we will have the very southern tip of Miami Beach (known as South Pointe) to our left, and the exclusive and ultra expensive community of Fisher Island to our right. Once we have passed the stone jetties on either side we can immediately turn left and head back toward South Beach to run north just outside the “swimmers only” area immediately off the beach. South Beach is world-renowned for its glamour and excitement which brings people here from all over to see and be seen among the crowd. But not everyone gets to see South Beach from the ocean. Running close to the beach gives us a different perspective of the popular Ocean Drive and Art Deco District.  A lot of people think that South Beach is all that Miami has to offer which isn’t true. The barrier island, which runs from South Pointe to Bal Harbor, actually has five separate sections within the City of Miami Beach. There are South BeachMid Beach and North Beach. Each is different, not only in the accommodations and attractions ashore, but also as seen from the water. At the end of North Beach comes the City of Surfside then Bal Harbor. At the north end of Bal Harbor there’s another channel from ocean to bay, called Baker’s Haulover which is derived from ancient times: It is said that the Caloosas and Tequestas lived here centuries ago and would haul their canoes over the beach at this point to get from bay to ocean, it was convenient cause it was a short and easy haul, it is the narrowest part of the island that makes up Miami Beach. In modern times, this spot was chosen for dredging by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers primarily because it would require less work.


A well-kept secret closely guarded by the local population of South Florida.  Located just 50 miles from the Florida East Coast, it is a nice short trip (about 2.5 hours, just enough to lose sight of any land!) on your yacht charter to Bimini Island.  Guests may stay on the yacht overnight while the yacht crew will sleep on property condo for your privacy during your stay.

Day One
Make an early crossing (2.5 hours) to Bimini and arrive at Bimini Bay’s Mega Yacht Marina.  Upon arrival to the resort your captain will arrange for Customs and Immigration to personally handle your entrance into the country at your marina slip while you relax and enjoy the pool.   Explore the island of Bimini – Alice Town, Bailey Town and Porgy Bay – and sample fresh conch salad at Joe’s or eat at the local restaurants near your marina.  Those looking for rejuvenation can visit Bimini’s famed “Healing Hole.” Bimini Healing Arts conducts a tour to this mystical spot, which is said to cure any ailment with a dip in its waters.  Finish the day with cocktails and dinner on board to get to know your crew.

Day Two
Today is the day to get in the water.  Go on a wild dolphin swim by heading out to the “dolphin grounds” and waiting for wild dolphins to arrive (91% success rate).  Fifty percent of the tours are successful in the last 90 minutes, when a pod of 10 or more dolphins will appear and guests can slip into the water to frolic with them.  Let us arrange a private guide for a dolphin or dive trip with the resort diving company.  Bimini Bay Resort’s Dive Shop can also train and certify for SCUBA.  Those who prefer to cast a line should head out for world-class blue marlin or bonefish hunting.  Later, have Bimini Bay arrange for a masseuse to come to your yacht and ensure your sore muscles are kneaded away.

Day Three
Depart Bimini Bay Resort and head for the SS Sapona, a steamer that was wrecked during a hurricane in 1926 and sits in 15 feet of water, attracting both snorkelers and divers.  Next, set the course for the crescent-shaped anchorage of Honeymoon Harbor on the north end of Gun Cay, or head to the deserted Dollar Harbor on South Cat Cay; both are large, shallow, protected areas.  Anyone who wants to wakeboard, water ski, knee board or cruise around on jet skis can do so here!  Play in the water until the sun goes down, then head back to the marina at Bimini Bay Resort and dine al fresco at Sabor, where you can find cuisine authentic to the Bahamas while basking in the moonlight.

Day Four 
Enjoy the resort’s amenities.  Take a dip in the two swimming pools, shop in Fisherman’s Village and get a poolside massage at the Infinity Pool. For adventure seekers, start walking North on the beaches of Bimini Bay for a few miles, and your footprints will be the only ones on the beach.  The waters North of the resort are “gin clear” and the flats off these beaches are amazing and offer some of the best photo opportunities of the trip.  For the perfect conclusion to the trip, let Bimini Bay arrange for a beach party BBQ, complete with a bonfire, grilled lobsters and calypso entertainment.

Day Five 
Day Five marks the end of your extraordinary Bahamas vacation.  Return home with your yacht charter crew with the knowledge that Bimini and all its treasures are just a short trip away.


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