Atlantic Yacht Charters, visiting the Miami International Boat Show in style!

Atlantic yacht charters allow tourists and locals alike to travel the seas in style, whether during a quick relaxing day trip up the coast, a leisurely week-end sightseeing just inside the coastline, or visiting the upcoming Miami International Boat Show! The 2013 Miami International Boat Show will be held from February 14th – February 18th 2013.  Anyone can feel like a yacht owner for a day while aboard Atlantic Yacht Charters but also learn about the many different yachts, boats, marine products, deep sea fishing training seminars, lots of  evening yacht parties and numerous other highlights that this convention has to offer. The show will be held in a few different places but all within close walking distance. The hours of the Miami International Boat Show  run from 9am to 6pm daily and I have put together some useful information about the show below:

The Miami Beach Convention Center: 1901 Convention Center Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139. Here you will find mainly boat and yacht electronics, accessories,  dive and travel harbor, outdoor boat exhibits, and pavilion tent booths.

Marina or in water exhibits @ Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center: 1635 N. Bayshore Drive  Miami, FL 33132. Here you will find sky-walk booths, big game booths (sport-fishing), west mart booths and 18th & 19th street tented booths. There will be many new boats and innovative products on showcase here for the first time and this part must not be missed!

Miamarina (Downtown Miami) 401 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33132. This is dedicated to strictly sail! You’ll find sailboats, sailing gear and accessories from around the world—including an unbeatable selection of catamarans, the Sailing Simulator and more!

With all of these fun and exciting things that the Miami International Boat Show wants you to be a part of there will be some consequences if you plan on driving there and trying to find parking. This will be a huge event and thousands of people will be attending so you definitely do not want to get jammed up! Atlantic Yacht Charters will come to your rescue! By booking a private yacht charter with us we can take you to the Miami International Boat Show in style and pamper you throughout the event! You will not have to worry about driving there, finding parking, getting something healthy and tasty to eat, or finding a quiet place to sit down and relax. We offer all of those and above making the whole experience truly hassle free!

So if you are into visiting the Miami International Boat Show then please give us a call or email us anytime! We are open late 🙂

Holiday yacht charter

Little Castle glowing in the darkness of Haulover beach

With the holiday yacht charter season in full swing and people scrambling to book those last minute plane tickets to South Florida so they can enjoy their two weeks of sunshine and superb weather, Miami Beach is bustling with locals, snowbird tourists and many Europeans. It is such a great time to be in South Florida with many events happening such as the Art Basel Art Show in the Wynwood District, Life in Color which is the world’s largest paint party, and numerous other shows to attend.

This is the time where Miami Beach truly comes alive for the next six months. With that said it is great to be in the mix on the beach but at times it can become a little overwhelming for some, therefore creating an opportunity to seek out something else to do. People ask themselves ‘what can I do to get a short break from Miami’s busy town during the holidays’? How about a private Christmas and New year’s eve charter down the Keys! It is a wonderful idea and fun for the whole family.

An all inclusive holiday yacht charter on crewed or bareboat yachts are one of the best ways to spend time with your family. Some of the many conveniences is that everything is all inclusive, planned and hassle free making it enjoyable for everyone. Not only that, you will be in a tropical setting heading south on a private yacht where you will have the option of doing what you want. In the past holiday seasons Atlantic Yacht Charters has visited numerous places along the way to the Florida Keys. Our guests have enjoyed spending a night at Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo and snorkeling on one of the best reefs in the world or visiting Windley Key Fossil Reef Park where you may hike, kayak, or glimpse the amazing fossil history of the reef.

There are many things to see, explore, and experience off the coast of South Florida during the holiday yacht charter season and instead of being on land with many locals and tourists you may witness the Bayside new years eve fireworks aboard ‘Little Castle  and rest assured you will have the best seats in the house! Atlantic Yacht Charters offers up a fun family time but guarantees your private yacht for a day!

Fort Lauderdale Winterfest boat parade on your private yacht?

Headed to Fort Lauderdale? – Come experience the Fort Lauderdale Boat Parade aboard “Little Castle”!

With the hot summer finally over and the winter season here, we are once again greeted with many locals, snowbird tourists, Christmas shoppers and the like in South Florida. All of the luxury hotels, private villas, charter yachts, and fine dining restaurants are packed and the weather superb. One of the many highlights will be the Fort Lauderdale Winterfest Boat Parade currently celebrating 41 years! It will be held on the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale on Saturday December 15th 2012.

One of the best ways to join in on the fun is to be in the parade itself! Atlantic Yacht Charters operates ‘Little Castle’ which is a beautiful 60’ Marquis yacht that offers private charters for almost any occasion and it could be your very own private yacht this weekend. If you want to be a part of the fun please give us a call at 305-318-3235 because these events get booked fast! You will have the opportunity to witness all the boats decorated in Christmas lights, happy ‘Santas’, reindeers, and lit up Christmas trees. There will be many types of boats there; from small tenders, pontoon boats, sailboats and all size charter yachts. But the real highlight will be to see all the illuminated mansions along the river competing for the best lighted waterfront properties and there will be no better seats than on your own private charter yacht, so have your cameras ready!
In order to get there on time Little Castle’s main pick up point is from Duffy’s Sports Bar & Grill in North Miami Beach. We will then cruise along the Intracoastal Waterways northwards till we reach Fort Lauderdale. While underway most guests head up to the bow of the yacht to relax on our comfortable sunpads while our yacht first mate serves up some chilled champagne and light hors d’oeuvres. By then, all you need to do is unwind and take in the cool breeze as we head to destination. Make sure to keep your cameras out because you may have the chance of witnessing the ecological intricacies that make up the delicate ecosystem along the Intracoastal  Other than luxury hotels, private yachts and Florida’s unique bridges you may also see different types of birds, dolphins, manatees, fish, mangrove nursing grounds and of course Florida’s beautiful sunset!

The Fort Lauderdale Winterfest Boat Parade happens every year, but you haven’t experienced it at its fullest until sailing aboard “Little Castle”.  All your friends will be clamoring for a private invite and those who didn’t make it will at best be able to follow your trails on our facebook fan page:

Visit us now on our website at where you can see a video of a perfect day aboard “Little Castle yacht”!

Key West via Private Yacht Charter


Dear Vacationers,

If you are planning to visit the beautiful island of Key West, there is simply no better way to do it than on board your very own luxury yacht. Key West is just a short and picturesque cruise from Miami, Florida. Arrive relaxed and in-style on board one of Atlantic Yacht Charters‘ fully catered yachts. The Florida Keys hold a lot of treasures for the adventurous traveler. The islands offer a tropical blend of azure waters, tropical foliage, and fine dining with fresh seafood available daily. Rather dine in a more private setting? Our executive chef will help you create your own personalized sunset dinner, specific to your taste – one notable thing to remember while creating your up-coming itinerary. Combine your historic vacation with the unforgettable experience of being a catered guest on board one of our luxury yacht charters – with personalized service that is second-to-none.

The laid back lifestyle, southern charm and Caribbean flavor are what makes Key West what it is today. Figures throughout history have visited Key West, some making it their permanent home for a while, others enjoying the tropical climate while they escape the harsh winter. The city carries the creative torch of such former residents as Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams and past presidents.

While on board Motor Yacht Little Castle – a 60′ Marquis yacht – we offer a broad range of amenities that you would find in a five-star hotel. Enjoy your quaint “bed and breakfast” on the water. Are you one who loves to be pampered? Indulge in the privacy of your very own waterfront resort – literally. While planning your personalized luxury yacht vacation, include a Swedish massage with our massage therapist right here on board.

So, we’re there. Location: Key West, FL. Motor Yacht: Little Castle. The possibilities are endless! Activities like swimming, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, water-skiing, and captain-operated personal watercraft with two additional riders are offered during your vacation of a life time. Fish right off the yacht! Snorkel and view many species of fish and coral on the only coral reef in North America. You will be amazed at the destinations our experienced Captain can take you. For those fish out-of-water, sunbathe on the deck, mimosa in hand.

Must stops for tourists include viewing the treasures from shipwrecks, discovering the haunts of their literary heroes, and marveling at the Victorian architecture and lush, colorful gardens where heads of state frequented. Atlantic Yacht Charters will help you build your personalized itinerary, cruising you to destinations beyond your imagination.

Last but certainly not least, a trip to Key West would not be complete without witnessing a famous Key West sunset. Our experienced crew aboard Little Castle are on hand to make it a memorable Key West experience, complete with outstanding dinner service and an evening beverage service.

Atlantic Yacht Charters is awaiting your reservation for your up-coming Miami Yacht Charter. Book your full day of exclusive relaxation and luxury, starting at $3,800 including tax. Reserve your evening charter (or half day charter) starting at just $2,200 including tax. Book your private yacht charter now or contact us with any questions. Visit our website at or call us directly at (305) 318-3235.

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Atlantic Yacht Charters – Video of Little Castle yacht

A Luxury Yacht Charter – Have you seen Miami from another perspective?

Little Castle - Captain Jean

Chartering a luxury yacht such as Little Castle – a 60′ luxury motor yacht –  is the ultimate vacation experience. It is travel at its most luxurious, liberating, and unforgettable. There is simply no better way to experience sheer luxury and absolute freedom in some of the most stunning destinations in South Florida and the Bahamas on board a private sailing yacht. Are you ready to charter a yacht for a day?

Submerge yourself in south Florida’s sparkling expansive waters in order to achieve the ultimate sense of escape. Have you seen Miami from another perspective? Unlike holidays spent in exclusive hotels or resorts, a luxury yacht charter on board Little Castle offers its passengers the ultimate in privacy and control, as you and your guests will be the only ones to which the crew will attend.

As a  family, large group or as a couple, there is a luxury charter yacht to suit every need. You can bring aboard all you like, though you will find almost everything already taken care of. With beautifully decorated, spacious cabins, first-class facilities and excellent on board and in-water activities, crewed luxury yachts have all your vacation needs covered. Find your perfect charter holiday with our selection of luxury yachts here at Atlantic Yacht Charters.

Spend a vacation in opulence, style and comfort and let your imagination lead you to your next destination by indulging yourself with a luxury yacht rental in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations – Miami, Florida.

Having access to your own luxury yacht is like holding the key to another world – one that few others have had the opportunity to discover. For exploring the coastlines of south Florida, there is no more luxurious or prestigious alternative. No other holiday gives you such boundless freedom as a Miami yacht charter, free to choose your course, to follow the sun or take a break from bustling shores. One can truly explore an individual location without being confined to any particular route or time schedule. You can chart the most amazing course, and then change it on a whim.

Whether you desire an active family getaway, romantic honeymoon escape or the world’s most exhilarating bachelor party adventure, hiring a luxury yacht can introduce you to south Florida’s best.

Key Biscayne, Florida, Bimini Bay, Bahamas, or Key West, Florida are among some of the superb locations waiting to be explored when you charter a luxury yacht such as Little Castle. Choose your favorite luxury yacht from Atlantic Yacht Charters.

No other vacation experience is as unique, intimate or personalized as chartering a luxury yacht. Every last detail, from the spectacular destinations you visit, to the specific ingredients included in your expertly-prepared meals is customized to your own tastes and preferences. Behind all successful luxury yacht charters lies the experience of a world-class team. Trained professionals cater to your every need, from preparing meals and rooms daily, to organizing extravagant on-board parties; no request is too big or too small.

One of the greatest joys of chartering a luxury yacht in Miami is the constant contact with the Atlantic Ocean, the constant access to an aquatic playground of limitless possibilities. Whether it be snorkeling in the spectacular world below the water, or exciting water sports like jet-skiing or water-skiing, Little Castle makes for the perfect platform for endless entertainment. When chartering a yacht, there is no need to wait for organized excursions or adhere to strict timetables, at a moment’s notice you can be exploring the world’s greatest reefs or tearing across the water on a jet-ski. Have you seen Miami from this perspective?

Atlantic Yacht Charters is currently taking reservations for spring break day charters, full term charters and day charters for the summer time. Family vacations for a week, sweetheart couples or groups of 12 are  invited for a full day of luxury, starting at $3,800 including tax. Reserve your evening charter (or half day charter) starting at just $2,200 including tax. Book your charter now or contact us with any questions. Visit our website or call us directly at (305) 318-3235.

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Atlantic Yacht Charters – Video of Little Castle yacht

A Miami Yacht Charter – Good Quality Time Spent With the Family!

Captain Jean with guests

Miami’s tropical weather allows for year-round outdoors activities, which is most-likely why yachting has become so popular! With an average of 276 hours of sunshine in the month of March, no wonder Miami is the prime spot for spring-breakers and vacationers alike. The city has numerous waterways including marinas, rivers, bays, canals, and the Atlantic Ocean. A yacht charter in Miami is the perfect opportunity for good quality time spent with the family!

On board a luxurious motor yacht such as Little Castle, you and your family will be thrilled by the numerous activities offered. The kids can enjoy an exhilarating ride on our wave-runner, personally escorted by none-other than the Captain himself! Imagine the photo opportunities. Snorkeling is another exciting adventure that anyone in the family can enjoy. Immerse yourself just under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean’s warm coastal waters with snorkeling destinations, such as Key Biscayne, near by. With Miami Yacht Charter You will see an entirely new world that consists of coral reef, tropical fish, sometimes even a Caribbean lobster or a sea turtle! If relaxation is your destination, and your wish is to fish, your family can cruise out to a welcoming ideal location for fishing as well.

Atlantic Yacht Charters can accommodate your next family vacation for an afternoon of enjoyment (a half day yacht charter), a full day with your family (consisting of eight hours) on board, or your family’s entire vacation personalized and custom-built to your liking, cruising you to places like the Keys, Florida or Bimini, Bahamas. Curious enough to go there and see what possibilities you will be amazed with? Interested enough to be escorted by the amazing crew dedicated to you only? Contact Atlantic Yacht Charters @ 305.318.32325 or visit our website @ We are here to answer any questions you may have before booking your Miami Yacht Rentals  and next adventure of a lifetime!

Miami Yacht Charters; Little Castle Yacht – Not Exactly Roughing It


Whether you are visiting South Florida on vacation or you’re lucky enough to be a local, a Yacht Charter in Miami aboard Little Castle is the perfect opportunity to embrace the coastal waters in luxury and style. From your first step on board this beaming beauty, you will find yourself surrounded by sophisticated elegance. Her contemporary European look is drawn in magnificent detail, from imported cherry wood and soft, camel-colored sofas to sleek granite counter-tops and high-gloss cabinetry. Ranking high among Miami Yacht Charters, this spectacular 60′ Marquis vessel is equipped with one glorious master stateroom – fit for a king, one VIP stateroom adorned with a queen-size bed, and a third stateroom appointed with two single beds, all with ample cedar-lined closets. It won’t be long before you realize you’re “not exactly roughing it.”

Allow yourself to be spoiled for a full day charter (eight hours) on board Little Castle. With optional services, such as a pampering Swedish massage, you can relax your mind and muscles, and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Check in to your very own floating suite for a day of self-indulgence. Only have the evening? Choose a half day charter (a fashionable option, entailing four hours on board). Let us pick you up at the Intracoastal Mall waterfront dock in North Miami Beach or any other marina or your choice. You and your guests can enjoy elegant hors d’oeuvres and premium cocktails before arriving in style to your favorite waterfront dining location. Or better yet, opt for a sit-down dinner with an optional chef offering a vast range of possible entrees. While the food and service are as pleasant as you would find in many restaurants, add to it the enjoyment of being on a splendid cruise, making it even more unforgettable and romantic! We also offer term charters for those wanting to make it a vacation to Bimini, Bahamas or The Florida Keys.

Atlantic Yacht Charters is awaiting your reservation for your up-coming charter on board Little Castle. Come with your sweetheart or as a group of up to 12 guests for a full day of exclusive relaxation and luxury, starting at $3,800 including tax. Reserve your evening charter (or half day charter) starting at just $2,200 including tax. Book your charter now or contact us with any questions. Visit our website at or call us directly at (305) 318-3235.

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Atlantic Yacht Charters – Video of Little Castle yacht

Exploring Miami on a Luxury Yacht Charter

The city of Miami is known as the “Worlds Playground” or the “MagicCity” with a rich  multi-cultural history Miami moves to its own rhythm unlike any other city in the U.S.  Miami, Florida is an Entertainment Mecca with world renowned nightclubs and an active nightlife scene.  There are a large variety of things to do and see in such a diverse city and renting a luxury yacht charter for a day or longer is the perfect way to round out any Miami Vacation.

People charter yachts in Miami for a variety of reasons Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Corporate Meetings, Weddings, Anniversaries, Romantic Dinners, Friends Gathering, Photo & Video Shoots, Memorial at Sea , Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, and to explore the Miami coast or to enjoy a Caribbean adventure in style and luxury.

These high end yachts can provide the experience of a life time private beaches, gorgeous sunsets, relaxing luxurious accommodations, magnificent marine life, swimming, kayaking, water skiing, Personal Watercraft adventures, snorkeling, diving and more.

There is no end to the amount and variety of activities and luxuries one can experience.  Yacht Charters are designed to accommodate every need and create the memories of a lifetime. MiamiCity is the perfect backdrop for a Yacht Charter Rental.